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The ARCHLINE Flip Flops is the World’s Most Comfortable Orthopedic Flip Flops. Each pair has a super comfortable orthotic footbed made with flexible lightweight materials. These orthotic flip flops are supportive, therapeutic and easy to wear. They can be worn as casually anywhere and provide freedom to walk pain free anywhere - the beach, around the home, on the street. They are the ideal thongs/flip-flops for relief of plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.


Features & Benefits

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  • Built in Orthotic Arch Support

  • ARCHLINE Balance Technology

  • Super Lightweight & COmfortable

  • Non-Irritative PVC Strap

  • Durable Anti-Wear Base

  • Anti-Microbial

  • Waterproof & Washable

  • Perfect for Summer Vacations

  • Can be worn for any occasion

Balance & Support

The Archline flip flops signature orthotic footbed design accommodates and aligns the natural posture of the foot, relieving strain and over-extension of the plantar fascia muscle and providing optimal orthopedic comfort and support.

Archline Orthotic Thongs are ideal for foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain. Even if you don't have foot pain, the Archline orthotic flip flops are suitable for providing comfort to any foot type – normal arches, flat feet, high arches, wide feet.



Plenty of colours, styles and options to suit your personality. These flip flops suit all ages and come in Men’s, Womens and Kids. They range from EURO Size 31 to 47.

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Durable Anti-Wear Base

Our ARCHLINE Flip Flops footbed is made from a super durable and lightweight EVA compound. The base is actually an advanced compound of EVA & Silicone, known as "Anti-Wear". This allows our Flip Flops to be lightweight and supportive without compromising durability.

The outsole on every pair of ARCHLINE thongs are made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate). Compared to other types of EVA, ARCHLINE EVA is designed to be anti-wear and long lasting.During the production process, a silicone based compound (Silanes) are added to the EVA.

What is a Silane?

A Silane is a Silicone based bonding agent that can be coupled with other materials to modify the properties of the surface material.

Silane is bonded to the EVA during production, giving it a stronger composition compared to normal EVA. Compared to regular EVA, the surface of the outsole is unable to be pierced and worn away by rough and abrasive surfaces.


Skin Friendly & Anti-MICROBIAL

Our EVA has been treated with an antimicrobial bonding agent that prevents bacteria, fungus, algae, and mould from growing on the surface of the outsole.

During the production process, antimicrobial silicone based compound (Silanes) are added to the base EVA to give antimicrobial properties.

What is a Silane?
A Silane is a Silicone based bonding agent that can be coupled with other materials to modify the properties of the surface material. The silanes used in the production are positively charged. 
Higher ionic concentration relative to the ionic concentration of bacteria leads to the bacterial cells to lose water to the surrounding environment and hence die of dehydration. The silicone base of the silane also prevents water from penetrating the surface of the EVA sole. This essentially acts as a shield to prevent microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, algae, and mould growing on the surface. 

The strap upper is made from a skin friendly PVC material designed to prevent chafing.

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