Archline Thongs have helped me walk down the beach again. My plantar fasciitis and heel pain were killing me during the summer but I am so happy I have found a lasting solution.
— Mina, Brisbane

I love the lightweight and comfortable feel Archline gives to my feet. I wear them out and even around the house. I can’t take them off.
— Patrick, Coffs Harbour

The Archline Slippers feel so comfortable and warm around the house during winter. It’s literally like having clouds under your feet. I wear them as soon as I wake up.
— Rachel, Geelong

I used to suffer from shin splints and slight arch pain during my runs. The Balance orthotics have allowed me to run pain free. They are amazing and well worth the price.
— Stephanie, Bondi

Archline Thongs are the best. My podiatrist recommended me a pair. The orthotic support has cured my plantar fasciitis. I used to suffer from burning pain in my arches but not anymore. Highly recommend.
— Elise, Hobart

I am a podiatrist and have been selling Archline products for 2 years. They help my patients recover and give them an option to wear something when they don’t want to have to wear their custom orthotics around. Well worth the price and as an alternative option.
— Damian, Perth

I love how the Archline Slippers can simply be thrown in the wash. I barely notice them when I’m wearing them but they make my feel feel super comfy.
— Paula, Essendon

I love how the Slimline orthotic fit so easily in my Boost runners. I have struggled to find an orthotic that just fits. They make me feel comfortable and I have stopped getting pain when I’m walking long distances.
— Nicola, Adelaide